Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I've been working as a nanny for the past four years. Every day I drove to someone's house where I took care of two little girls (ages 14 and 35 months when I started). Fast forward, those girls are now in school and I have two girls of my own as well as a beautiful house. I ended my job at the beginning of the summer and enjoyed vacations and being at home with my own kids every day for the first time! Reality has set in, however, and I'm in desperate need of a job. My plan has been the same for several years and that is to find some children to care for in my home a few days a week. I'm looking to start a Waldorf inspired child care/play school, but am having no luck. I know that there are children out there who need good care, it's just a matter of finding them! So, that being said, I'm starting to get distracted. I have days where I'm fine with our current situation, knowing that everything will work out. Yes, I NEED a job, but I do feel confident that something will happen. Getting a job outside the home is not an option, so something HAS to work out. Nevertheless, I'm starting to panic a little. Our bank account is quickly being depleted and with no leads yet, I'm panicking a little. Here's hoping and praying that some sweet children are on their way to me soon! And so as not to leave this space on a nervous and distracted note, here are some pictures of my girls from Rebecca's wedding. It was a perfect wedding and, while I may be slightly biased, my girls were just the sweetest! Leah was a flower girl, but got a little nervous. She had ever so much fun after, though, and we all enjoyed the evening. The dresses ended up being adorable. The fabric I had originally gotten didn't work out and I decided that instead of freaking out I would just go buy some new fabric, plain old cotton, that I knew I could work with. They came out perfect. The skirt I made for myself turned out okay too (in the end), but almost killed me in the process!! Anyway, here are some pictures- thanks to my iphone as my camera battery ended up dying!
And one more picture, because it's just too cute! It has been raining here the past few days and my girls LOVE to play in the rain. Rain boots, umbrella, nothing at all... it's always fun!

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