Wednesday, August 22, 2012

A picnic dinner

Yesterday afternoon, as I finished cleaning up the kitchen from a baking endeavor, I decided to quickly pack up a dinner and surprise my girls with a visit to the creek and a picnic. Leah was very excited, and we headed off. There is a park about 5 minutes from our house and I can't believe we haven't frequented it more. With a quiet little creek, more rocks than you could throw, and a small playground situated on an enormous amount of grass, it's perfect. There's something about water that calls to me. At any rate, with Elyse on my back, Leah and I threw and skipped rocks, chased little fish, walked in the water, climbed "mountains" (rocks in the water), and ran back and forth along the bed of the creek. Then Leah wanted to run across the bridge and swing on the (very large) swings. I wanted the evening to be "all about her," in that, whatever she wanted to do when she wanted to do it. The only thing was... I wasn't expecting her to have SO much fun and forget about eating! I finally was able to convince her that we could stop and eat our dinner and then go back to playing.
Elyse very much enjoyed our picnic dinner! We then played some more, and with the promise of a popsicle (more on those another time) when we got home, we were able to leave. It was a beautiful way to spend an evening, and would have been made more perfect only if Kyle had been able to join us (darn work schedule!). Yes, I see many many more creek trips in our future...

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