Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A canal and some balancing!

Our church has two services during the year: a traditional and a contemporary (we go to the second). However, during the summer, they condense the two services into one traditional. While I miss our usual service during the summer, I greatly enjoy being done with church earlier in the day as it gives us a few extra hours to do something. This Sunday I decided I wanted to explore a nearby park that has a nice walk along the canal. We moved about 20 minutes away here about 10 months ago and still haven't checked out all of the "local" things. At any rate, it turned out to be a lot of fun. There was a playground (which is always a hit) and then we found a few access points down to the canal where we threw rocks in the water and saw some little fish.
That night I had Kyle do some crafting. While I tend to at least try to stay on the "minimal" side of children's toys (that is, I don't have tons), I still love to get my kids 'new' things. Honestly, who doesn't? So I had the brilliant idea of building a balance beam. Outside toy, cheap, functional, different. Kyle went to Lowe's and bought a 10 foot pressure treated 4X4 (I think). He cut 12 inches off each end and screwed them onto each end. The result? Lots and lots of fun. Waiting patiently in the grass for daddy to finish building...
A hot air balloon was spotted
And then the fun began...
She had soo much fun, stopping only to run across the yard to "eat some weeds" (lambs quarters). In her night-time prayer she even thanked Jesus for her new balance beam. This morning Leah took Hemmah, her imaginary friend of the day, outside so she could show it to her. It was clearly a success and I highly recommend building one!

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