Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Beach Days

After living here for the past (almost) 9 years, I've finally made it to the beach this summer. Twice. And it looks like we're going again on Monday. There's nothing like a beach day with friends and little kids, I've learned. Leah had so much fun with her best friend Wesley while Elyse had ever so much fun, well, eating sand. It was a glorious day... Leah laying in the sand
Elyse eating sand (days later and I'm still wiping sand at every diaper change!)
Best friends
Beach puppies
And my very serious attempt at getting a group shot of the kids clearly didn't work out so well, but certainly gave me a chuckle!
As I said, a perfect day at the beach. Isn't it fun just watching children be children? Rolling around, laughing, playing... not a care in the world...

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